Friday, March 12, 2010

ode to george and bruno

because bringing up four children isn't enough, we went and got ourselves two more crazy babies.

this is george. he turned 1 year old last month. he looks like a white wolf that is why neighbors prefer calling him "lobo" rather than george.

he used to scare 3/4th of the neighborhood kids. but not anymore. he has never hurt anyone on purpose. and i can only remember one instance of him hurting someone accidentally -- in january he scratched diego on the cheeks. but that was while giving diego the routine "you are coming back into the house after biking for several hours under the midday sun, you stink but because you are my master's brother, i welcome you with a lick" and his nails hadn't been cut when they should have already been cut.

so now we have a big wolf-like dog who scares no one. not even the cat that poops thrice a week on our postage-sized yard.

his master is rashdi. george is the reason rashdi wakes up more or less without complaint at 6:30 in the morning. george has to be brought out at that time for his morning ablutions.

my brother monching named george after george bush. his brother barack is named after the american president. i heard they have a sister in manila named gloria. i bet that girl will have issues on account of her name.

george is going with us to liloy this holy week. he likes bathing in sea water.

and this here is bruno, the myna bird. bruno is loco. he knows how to wolf whistle - loudly. our neighbors probably think we have a sex maniac in our household. someone who wolf whistles at all hours, even at 6am.

you never know what he is going to say next. he graciously asks you if you have eaten, or if you are already leaving the house. he will suddenly break out into hysterical laughter. all of these will be unprovoked by anything discernible to us. as i said, bruno is crazy, just like george.

which sort of makes them fit right in with the family they adopted.

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