Monday, February 15, 2010

our kids are comedy skit writers

my sister maita scolded her daughter juliana for playing with the cell phone. when the sermon stopped, here is what the three-year old said in her own defense herself:

"hing text man gud akong bana..."

this doesn't translate well into english so i won't.


another slap in the face to another lecturer. this one took place just last night between my fourteen year old who knows it ALL, and his younger sister Jana who is convinced his kuya knows it ALL.

jana: why do the chinese and japanese have chinky eyes?

rashdi: asians evolved those eyes over time to adapt to the environment.

jana: what?! asians evolve?! like pokemons?!


on our way to sunday lunch at mommy's, i interrogated my fat three-year-old.

me: where are you going?

gabriel: adto ko sa house ni lola

stupid me: mag unsa ka didto?

gabriel: mag talk mi ni lola.



  1. Buenas Dias! Nice script and nice blog u got here. :-)

  2. major tom, thanks! :)

    you understand bisaya?


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