Thursday, November 12, 2009

i saw the sign and it opened up my eyes

i have been going round and round the city on various errands the past few days in preparation for a christmas bazaar i am participating in this weekend.

navigating zamboanga city proper on foot is always a challenge. on the sidewalk, you have to take evasive action against the gazillion of spit underfoot, in various stages of....decay. on the street, the evasive action is against tricycle drivers who each drive on the absolutely deluded belief that God custom built the road for him.

for those who went out for even the littlest fraction of a second at noon yesterday and today (it is still noon as i write this), i do not need to tell you how HOT the weather is.

the only thing that kept my spirits up are the signages i encountered. looking for signages to snicker at is one of my favorite and more malicious preoccupations. i have other favorite and malicious preoccupations but laughing at signages takes pride of place.

yesterday the signages took the form of a streamer, a tarp for boutique, and two t-shirts.

i saw the streamer this morning at the corner of alvarez and nunez extension:


ohkayyyy. i should not laugh because i think i am a part of their other target audience. and when you really come to think about it, it's a great, great tag line. most people who enroll in driving schools are nininerbyos about the prospect of driving. otherwise, they will just convince whoever is at home to enumerate the rudiments then have a go at the wheel. this tag line will make such would be drivers (aka almost ALL would be drivers) seriously considering enrolling here?

the next is just plain nakakainis:


yuck. anyone who browses too much fashion magazine would know this is a very bad imitation of the kenneth cole ads. the ones where they fill a double-page spread with an edgy black and white photo and caption it in relatively small print with a catchy cool saying, like "52% of americans think same-sex marriage don't deserve a good reception. are you putting us on? - kenneth cole"

but the youth is the hope of future styles? oh come on!

the next signage was on a shirt i saw on my way to zamboanga home products (talking of which, i'd like to take this opportunity to warn you against going there at 12 nn to 1:30pm. they're closed. don't ask. i don't know. i only hate). the tshirt,worn by a girl, twentyish, said:


yes, because you have the skankiest taste in t-shirts, that is why.

she did not even have the right attitude to go with the shirt. i mean, paris hilton could probably get away with that shirt. and the saying on the shirt would probably be true, with paris in it.

the fourth was also a shirt. it caught my attention, out all all the many shirts in shop o rama 2nd floor, because it could be the earlier shirt's twin. it read:


yes. it was so very very confusing that my brain almost exploded from trying to make sense of it. i got distracted from my task at hand (buy a pack of dried moss) that i got to the 3rd floor not knowing why i was there.

it was in the ladies section so i am wondering what girl would want to compare her hotness to a male's? so maybe the shirt was designed for transgenders? but transgenders want to be girls, and they would be the last persons to want themselves compared to hot males.

as i said, so very confusing.

my confusion probably transferred by osmosis to the saleslady at the synthetic flowers section that she could not find the last pack of moss. i told her i was so tired, i have been searching for it practically the whole morning, and that i needed it soooooooooooo desperately that if she manages to find it, i will pay double the price. i said this only AFTER ascertaining that the pack cost 10.75. i am crazy but not that crazy.


  1. maybe the "don't you wish your boyfriend was hot like me" was for guys. which is weird because that is SO gay.

    I saw a few days ago in the factory outlet of Schu along Ayala: "Sale, Todays only."

  2. haha. did they mean the sale is good for two days? or that it was today's sale, different from the sale on all other days?

    entertaining, di ba?

    here's another recent find: the plant nursery in front of ciudad medical are selling a plant they tag as "Sacret Heart".

    and you may have seen my earlier post about Big V department's store warning that a particular mug they are selling has "slide damage."

    entertainment in zamboanga, if you are creative, is largely free.

  3. hahaha you made me day Yen!!!

    couldnt stop myself from laughing.

    Emillenejean haha I saw that too.

  4. hi ram! i saw a lot of your aunts during a bazaar i joined this weekend: tita olga, marinella, and i saw a lady who looked so much like your aunts - fashionably slender and so pretty - that i thought she was your mom. your aunt marinella speaks very highly of you. you ought to give her something nice for christmas. hahaha.

    saw karina and her daughter too. your entire clan must have been there. :)

    posting about my adventures at that bazaar in a bit :)

  5. fashionably slender? she's definitely my mom haha. Bazaar? where? La Vista?

    "your aunt marinella speaks very highly of you." I love Tita Nela, she's the best! Will definitely get her something really nice for Christmas.

    see you when I get there on the 18th of December.. will invite Karina too haha

  6. "see you when I get there on the 18th of December.. will invite Karina too"

    let me guess. we're probably going to have knickerbocker at palmeras...

    haha :) that'll be fun :)

  7. either that or Myrnas haha my treat!


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